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So you’ve decided to add software to your market research toolbox? Implementing online tooling will benefit your research projects, but choosing the right solution for your brand can be overwhelming. What are the best market research tools out there? Let this be your guide to discover market research websites just like CMNTY Platform.

CMNTY Platform is a mixed-method research solution offering quantitative and qualitative methods as well as focus groups or IDI’s. The software market research offers different features at a competitive pricing. When choosing the best market research software to conduct your research, you want to compare pricing and features. How often are you going to use the tooling and which research methods are important for your project? CMNTY takes pride in offering flexible licenses. You can purchase CMNTY Platform for exactly the duration of time needed to get the most out of your project. If you want to commit long-term, you can easily adapt your license. 

‍Software for remote working

If the pandemic taught us one thing, it’s that hybrid ways of working are a new-found necessity. Flexible working days with remote office spaces fit our lives like a glove. During those years of isolation, it became clear that the need for flexible market research websites, embodying these new ways of working, is indisputable. You don’t necessarily need a conference room anymore to organize a focus group or no longer need to go outside with a bunch of online market research surveys. By using market research websites like CMNTY, you are flexible to implement an on-the-go research strategy in line with hybrid ways of working in your industry. 

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The best market research platforms offer tooling that enables you to conduct your research projects online anytime and anywhere you like. Organize online focus sessions with CMNTY Focus and gather invaluable insights from your target audience while never leaving your home. 

‍Best market research survey tools

CMNTY Platform is one of the best market research tools to build an online community with your customers. Creating a long-lasting community gets you invaluable insights which will transform loyal customers into superfans! CMNTY Platform is a user-friendly solution where you can create your very own fan base. The platform combines all the tools you need to engage with participants.

Market research websites are without a doubt an added strength to your marketing strategy. CMNTY offers a range of features which are indispensable to your research toolkit. Do you also want to conduct some quantitative market research? Don’t worry! The best market research survey tools allow you to use standard quantitative market research online methods. Use CMNTY’s questionnaire and a series of qualitative and quantitative questions, analyze in real-time and follow up with in-depth questions or set-up iHUTs all while being online. 

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We hope this guide gives you an insight into the best market research platforms. Make sure to schedule a demo to see if CMNTY meets your research needs.