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Marketing Data Science as a Service (MDSaaS)

As a marketing professional you use data. Data are your tools. But how can you use these data intelligently? And how do you convert them into opportunities? MarketResponse does this based on proven techniques. Marketing data has no secrets for us. We know exactly where to look and what to do. We reveal the potential of data, transposing it into targeted campaigns. The MarketResponse data creatives ensure that your marketing is successful and facts-based.

Turn your data into a goldmine with Marketing Data Science

Sales and marketing collect large amounts of data about people. Data about behaviours and preferences, (hidden) desires and opinions, about their social-economic status and their civil status. All this data combined paints a picture of the person behind the data. If you fail to use this valuable data, you are missing out on an opportunity. Let this data work for you so you can organize your campaigns much more effectively. How? With Marketing Data Science.

We have observed that many companies do not get around to Marketing Data Science. Or that they draw the wrong conclusions. Campaign results can be less than satisfactory in that case. These companies need specialists who combine data analysis with data science. They benefit from working with data creatives. We have them. When you want. As many as you want. Thanks to our unique Marketing Data Science as a Service or MDSaaS concept. With MDSaaS, you have a specialized, flexible solution for all your marketing data challenges. You can call in the data creatives at MarketResponse if and when you need them. On a project basis or with strip tickets, for a short or longer time, remotely or on-site.

5 reasons for applying marketing data science

Get everything from your sales and marketing data.


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Valuable Marketing data

Besides the expertise of our data creatives, MDSaaS by MarketResponse has another major benefit: you get access to the largest and richest database of the Netherlands. With psychographic data and all socio-demographic variables. And – even more unique – access to global B2B data. With our databases, we can expand your customer data, making it more effective.

  • A one-stop solution for all your marketing data challenges
  • Specialists can work flexibly and on call
  • Including access to the MarketResponse database.
  • Support for all conventional techniques, analyses and methods
  • Get started quickly, if necessary on our own systems
  • The right people in the right place at the right time

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