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As a market researcher, you are keenly aware that qualitative research is a comprehensive and time-consuming affair. From the segmentation and recruitment of participants and respondents to the organization of interviews, panel discussions or observations. From the development and analysis of data to the clear, comprehensible presentation of the results. Prior to digitalization, qualitative research took months. Thanks to software for qualitative research, such as virtual focus group software, this is now a thing of the past.

The advantages of software for qualitative research

You can use software for qualitative research to understand very quickly what your target audience thinks of the world, your client or a product.

  • Advantage 1: you can collect and analyze all the data you need. This allows you to discover and understand a wide range of customer opinions, feelings and experiences. The information is presented clearly in text and media files.
  • Advantage 2: transcription is super-easy. All your audio interviews are automatically written out. This means you need fewer people to conduct more qualitative research.
  • Advantage 3: you can also easily set up a community, with respondents (often) taking part in research over several days. You can ask participants open or closed questions or have them take polls or carry out assignments within this community. As a group or individually. As a research, you can continually monitor the response to your market research questions.
  • Advantage 4: you often have one all-in-one solution or platform to conduct your entire market research project. Or several projects simultaneously.