The all-in-one platform for all market research agencies

Use the CMNTY Platform and combine several qualitative research methods to collect qualitative data. All the activities – recruitment, project management and reporting – are combined in an all-in-one solution, making the CMNTY Platform the indispensable link for all market research agencies. With an endless array of possibilities.

Joining forces for satisfied clients

You can share your research results with your clients or customers. How and whenever you want. Exceeding their information expectations, in terms of time and budget. As a market research agency, we know your industry better than anyone else. That is why we combined qualitative and quantitative research methods in one and the same platform. By combining methods, you increase the value and accuracy of the data collection.

We see ourselves as a partner of market research agencies. We listen, collaborate and deliver. At the same time, we continue to innovate so you can reach your goals even faster and better. We can conclude technical partnerships with you, if necessary, to significantly broaden your offer. You can fully tailor the CMNTY Platform to the brand message of your customers. Market differentiation is easy. You can conduct projects at the same time, in different geographical areas and languages.

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