How does your
organization remain
relevant and future proof?

Strategy, design & innovation

Change is the only constant. An organization must change and innovate to keep up with social change (sustainability, diversity, technology and social impact). How to remain relevant and future proof while discovering, creating and utilizing commercial and social opportunities?

Discovering and exploring, with the heart, mind and soul

Striking the right balance between data and targeted creativity is indispensable when developing a new strategy, product line or service. But this rule of thumb also applies if you want to achieve a structural attitude or behavioural change. To develop promising solutions that hit the spot, MarketResponse believes that you must research, observe, experiment, discover, learn and adapt together, working towards a specific purpose. And people must always be central. Relying on data, new insights and gut instinct.

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MarketResponse specializes in customization. We combine newly obtained research results with existing data and qualitative and quantitative research. We use Design Thinking for this, combined with principles from behavioural psychology and organizational sciences. We also offer modules, which you can buy separately or in combination with others. Where necessary, we rely on the expertise of other disciplines within MarketResponse.

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