Who are your customers
and audiences? What drives
them? What do they think?

Market Research

What motivates people? What do they think and what is their assessment of the services or products of your organization or brand? At MarketResponse we have all this research expertise in-house. We measure the opinions and needs of customers, employees, citizens, tenants and patients, both quantitatively and qualitatively. We segment, establish connections, identify trends, and ensure the voice of your target audiences is heard.

MarketResponse has been a leading organization for several years in the field of quantitative and qualitative research. We conduct comprehensive research for companies, institutions and governments. We also provide the software and online tools that allow organizations to conduct market research, customer satisfaction surveys, and employee satisfaction surveys themselves.

Human insights – the people behind the data

Collecting, enriching and analyzing data is the cornerstone of all good research. But MarketResponse goes one step further; we reveal the people behind the data. We provide human insights that are crucial for providing an optimal customer experience or for continuously improving the relationship with your stakeholders. To this end, we provide answers to four essential questions:

  • Who is your target audience (now and in the future)?
  • What does your target audience want (needs and expectations)?
  • What does your target group experience (perception)?
  • How do I organize my organization (employees, processes, leadership & culture, systems and resources)?

Fact-based consultancy

These answers and insights provide a solid fact-based foundation for making the right decisions to remain relevant or step up your growth. Our consultants are happy to help you transpose this to the organization of the future, offering guidance for this evolution.

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