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More leads and conversion with B2B data

As a company, you want to maintain a strong position and grow in the B2B market. Your company sells products or services to business customers, which is why your marketing and sales strategy targets the business community. In principle, the same marketing techniques apply as for B2C marketing. But there are some significant differences. Unlike consumers, B2B customers do not make spontaneous purchases based on impulse or emotion. Companies have specific needs, are more rational, have different considerations and often make their purchases on behalf of multiple stakeholders. That is why B2B data are different. MarketResponse knows which data are important for your company and how you can optimally use them for a successful marketing strategy. To convert leads into customers, bind more customers to your company and increase your turnover.

5 steps to a data driven marketing organisation

How e-commerce organisations can grow further.

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Data-based B2B customer journey and marketing

Data are the cornerstone of your B2B customer journey. We help you map this customer journey so that you learn to understand the customer better, respond to the customer’s needs and can better bind the customer to you. With loyal customers as the end goal of this customer journey. We can then use the data and information that we collect during the customer journey to improve marketing campaigns. Marketing professionals call this data-driven marketing.

Discovering and enriching B2B data

Your company has lots of data or can generate lots of data. We provide insights into this data, enrich the data with relevant information, and analyze the results. That way we discover your market opportunities and which sales market has the most potential. With our B2B data solutions you can determine the right focus, segment the right business customers, set the right tone, and have the qualitative analysis tool you need to immediately utilize your business opportunities. Mapping the most profitable path for the future.

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